The Ride FAQs


Where do we ride?

Our trails are stunningly beautiful! We ride throughout the majestic hills of Griffith Park to Amir’s Gardens where we will water our horses and take in the views and fresh air from as far as the eye can see! The views from up there are breath taking. Enjoy some great photo ops! The trails are easy enough for any skill level, nice and wide and with some up and down hill paths.

How do I register for Saddle Up LA online?

Simply click on the “Register Here!” then select from the following:

  • Start a Team to become a Team Captain
  • Join a Team to find an existing team
  • Join as an Individual

No Matter which option you choose, you will get your very own fundraising page you can customize!

Complete the registration information:

  • Create a Username and Password, write down this information and keep it someplace safe.

Personal Web Page Link

  • This is a convenient option that will allow you to create an easy and custom URL address.

Pay your registration fees online.

Setting up your Head Quarters (Customize Your Personal Webpage)

  • Once you have Login into your HQ, click on the My Webpage tab.
    You may select from the default photos or upload your own image. It must be .jpg or .gif files; the image size must fit 300×234 pixels, and be no larger than 50KB. If you need assistance please email the photo(s) you would like resized and I will return the images to size, click here for help.
Can I register for the ride offline?

Absolutely!  Just give us a call at 888-208-8081 and we can help you over the phone or you can drop us an email to and let us know how to reach you, how we can help and when would be the best time for us to give you a call.

How do I judge my riding ability?

Our horses are gentle as can be. Many riders are first time riders or adults who rode many years ago as children! Because we treat our horses with so much love and respect, they have a good disposition towards people. Prior to the ride there will be an introduction to horseback riding, you will meet your horse, take a photo, and this will get you more comfortable on the saddle. All rides are guided by professional trail guides for your peace of mind.

Here are some guidelines to help you judge your riding ability:

Total Beginner – Total beginners have little experience (if any) at all with horses in general. They may have been on a “trail ride” at a rental stable once or twice but they do not know general horse handling or the basic commands to make the horse move forward, turn, trot, stop and back unassisted.  They cannot saddle or bridle a horse themselves and are not comfortable handling a horse from the ground.

Advanced Beginner – These people have a little experience with horses. They may have grown up around horses or taken a few lessons. Maybe they used to ride a little as a child, but they may not be able to saddle and bridle a horse by themselves. This rider can mount and walk off unassisted. They know how to ask the horse to move forward, turn and stop. They may also be able to even trot or canter on a very smooth, well broke horse.

Confident Beginner – A confident beginner has the knowledge of an advanced beginner, but will also be able to handle a horse that may not be overly willing to do as asked. Sometimes an older horse that is well broken may still balk at leaving the barn or be a little reluctant to leave a secure place. This rider will have the confidence to give a little kick if needed or use a more persuasive aid when required even though they may lack experience. They may or may not be able to post or rise to the trot. They are willing to learn and have no “fear” of horses.

Novice – Novice riders have some pretty basic experience with horses. They have possibly had a few lessons, maybe owned a horse as a child (or recently), but have not competed or trained young, green horses. They can catch, halter, groom, saddle and bridle a horse by themselves. They can mount and ride off unassisted. A novice rider may or may not be able to rise (or post) to the trot, but they can trot without bouncing and can stay comfortable with a slow canter on a gentle, well broken horse. They should know how to ask and obtain a slow controlled walk, trot/jog and canter/lope. They can change direction and circle their horse. They are learning what a diagonal is and leads are. They may have even started a little jumping and are comfortable on a well broken horse, but may not be comfortable on a greener, younger or less experienced mount.

Intermediate – The intermediate rider has taken lessons or trained under a mentor for a while, rides in a specific discipline (or has experience in several disciplines) and may compete. He or she has ridden several different types of horses and can independently manage a horse’s care. Their seat is secure, they do not apply unintentional aids to the horse when they lose balance or become unseated. They know how to rise or post to the trot and ask for and obtain a specific lead or change in lead. They are capable of riding a less experienced horse and helping in that horse’s training. They are able to train/compete at a more advanced level with a trainer’s assistance. The intermediate rider is knowledgeable about different horse breeds and disciplines. He or she knows basic horse conformation and can detect lameness issues.

Advanced – Advanced riders have ridden most of their lives and have worked with a trainer/mentor for several years or had several years with intense riding instruction. They have competed successfully at recognized shows in their discipline. They are able to ride most horses including working with young/green horses without assistance. They know advanced manoeuvres in their preferred riding discipline and can positively affect the horse they are riding at all times. The advanced rider is able to teach lessons to beginners, break and train horses and teach a horse advanced manoeuvres. The advanced rider knows horse breeds and conformation well and is able to detect unsoundness vs. blemishes in a horse.

Thanks to Jennifer Garcia.

Do I have to Ride to Help?

No, Not at all! Registering for the event as a Fundraiser Friend is free! Once you have raised $400.00 you get into the BBQ for free and also get a free entry into our drawing for a 7 day stay in Kauai, Hawaii. (Drawn on our Life Group LA Facebook Page, Live on December 31st at 6pm.  So…like our page! )

Who May Attend the Event?

This event is open to the public and is family oriented!  Individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian for both the ride and the BBQ.

Horses must be reserved in advance as we have only a limited number available. Those who wish to attend the BBQ are also encouraged to purchase their tickets in advance as only a limited number will be available at the door.

What do I get if I Register as a Fundraise Friend?

Registering for the event as a Fundraiser Friend is free!  Once you have raised $400.00 you get into the BBQ for free and also get a free entry into our drawing for a 7 day stay in Kauai, Hawaii. (Drawn on our Life Group LA Facebook Page, Live on December 31st at 6pm.  So…like our page!

What are the Age Limits to Attend?

Individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian for both the ride and the BBQ.  Children must be 8 years old and at least 4 feet tall.  Sorry, there are no exceptions, this is a barn rule.

What should I wear?

The entire event from ride to BBQ is Casual 

For the ride you will want to wear either loose fitting jeans or stretchy pants.  Leggings are not the best as they may be to slippery in the saddle!  You will also want to wear closed toe shoes! Boots or tennis shoes. Some tennis shoes can be super wide and not fit into the stirrups properly, and or would fit to tightly in the stirrups. This isn’t safe so if you are going to wear tennis shoes, make sure they are on the more narrow side. Depending on the weather, a tank top or t-shirt is just fine! We will have official Saddle Up bandana’s for you as a gift.  If its hot you can wet them, or if its to dusty for you, you can wear them over your face.

Hats that fit well!  A cowboy hat that fits well or has chin tie.  Ball caps are also perfectly fine!  It gets a bit windy at the top of the mountain sometimes…. You want to make sure they don’t blow off, it might be hard to get it back.  HELMETS are available if you would like to wear one.

We suggest that you bring a change of cloths for the diner as you will get dust or dirty at the barn and on trail and may want to freshen up for rest of the nights events!

What are the weight limits?

Weight limit is 240 lbs.  Sorry there are no exceptions. The barn has a weight limit to ensure the safety and comfort of both our horses and riders. They do try to take height, proportion and build into consideration, so please call with the height/weight if you are concerned and they will be glad to discuss your options.

How Long is the Ride?

Our ride is about 2 hours.  We leave at 5:00 pm and come back about 7:15pm.  Then head over to the Pickwick for some delicious Gourmet BBQ in the Beautiful Air Conditioned Gardens!

Do I have to do the whole ride?

At the half way point of the ride, you will have the option to head back with a if you find that it’s to much for you or you have had enough.

What is the long website address that I received in my confirmation receipt?

If you went directly to your Personal Page HQ when you registered, you had the opportunity to create a custom website address for yourself.  If you didn’t, this website address will take you to your personal donation page.  Unless you customize your personal web address, this address link is automatically included in any emails that are sent through the email center in event headquarters after you have logged into the website. You can also copy and paste this link into any other form of email.

What if the donation to a participant or team is by check or cash?

Donations made by check or cash, is an “offline” donation and the participant or team captain may enter the information on his or her HQ page to add toward your their goal. This will appear as a “pending” donation. When Saddle Up receives the check and/or cash we will complete the transaction. You should receive an email receipt verifying receipt and entry of the offline donation.  Please mail your checks to Life Group LA 1049 Havenhurst Dr. #330  West Hollywood, CA 90046

If your supporter would like to make a donation via check, there is also an option on the donation page for them to print out a donation form and mail it in themselves!

Can friends and family make a donation to a Participant by going through the main website?

Absolutely! On every page there is a link to make a donation and a link to find a participant.  Your friends and family can simply type in your first or last name to find you and your page!

What if I don’t raise the $400.00?

Saddle Up LA is a fundraiser.  We ask that everyone TRY to raise at LEAST $400.00.  Your credit card will not be charged whatever balance there might be. Your registration fee’s are not included in your fundraising totals as they cover your personal expenses.

If something happens and I can’t make it, can someone else come in my place?

You can transfer your registration to another rider.  Deadline to do this is July 8th and you must contact us at or 888-208-8081.  If you can still make it to the BBQ and have raised $400.00 you can come in free.

Are there Awards for Fundraising?

Oh yes!

We are truly grateful to all our riders, sponsors and donors for doing as much as they can to help raise funds for Life Group LA’s programs!

This year we will be giving Custom Championship Silver Buckles 1st through 3rd Place as well as offering a Rookie Top Fundraiser Custom Silver Buckle!

**The Top Money Fundraisers will be determined by the dollar amount shown on the Rider’s personal Saddle Up LA website on July 10 at 12:00 Midnight.

**Eligible Rookie’s for the “Rookie All Around Top Fundraiser Buckle” are any riders who are riding in Saddle Up LA for the first or second time only. In the event the Rookie also happens to place in the top 3; they will take the place buckle and the 2nd Place Rookie Top Fundraiser will take home the Rookie Buckle. Winners are determined by the dollar amount shown on the Rider’s personal Saddle Up LA website by July 10 at 12:00 Midnight. A Rookie Buckle may only be won only one time by any individual.

Please be sure to send in all donations to insure they are logged in and credited to your dedicated efforts! If you get in hand some last minute donations you can call or email or 888-208-8081 with a photo of the check so we can get it logged in for you!  Call if you have any questions!!

Here is a list of Awards (More Added Soon)

All Awardees will receive a very special gift courtesy of Beauty Collection

All Around Champion Fundraisers

  • 1st Place – Silver & Gem Stone Award Buckle and Gift Bag
  • 2nd Place – Silver & Gem Stone Award Buckle and Gift Bag
  • 3rd Place – Silver & Gem Stone Award Buckle and Gift Bag
  • 4th Place – Award & a Deluxe Gift Bag
  • 5th Place – Award & a Deluxe Gift Bag
  • 6th Place – Award & a Deluxe Gift Bag

Special Rookie Award – Any rider or fundraiser who has participated in Saddle Up LA 2 (two) years or less.

  • Silver & Gem Stone Award Buckle and Gift Bag

Team Awards – Most Money Raised

  • 1st Place –  Award Medal and Gift Bag
  • 2nd Place – Award Medal and Gift Bag
  • 3rd Place – Award Medal and Gift Bag
  • 4th Place – Award Medal and Gift Bag
  • 5th Place – Award Medal and Gift Bag
  • 6th Place – Award Medal and Gift Bag

Top Three Fundraisers Who Brought Their Own Horses

  • Custom Award Halter
Can I carry a Purse or Bag on my Horse?

A small cross-body type bag would be fine or a fanny pack.  You will be given a recyclable cloth bag when you check in.  You can use this on your saddle horn. We will have water and other snacks available at the barn for you to enjoy before hand or to take on the ride with you.

Will there be food at the Barn?

We will have water, juices and snacks at the barn.  You will be given a bag you can drape over your saddle horn if you choose to carry some snacks and water with you on the ride. (Taking water is highly recommended!)


What happens if I am late for my ride?

If you are late for your ride, we will try to catch you up to the group depending on how far behind you might be.  This will be determined by the barn staff and this cannot be guaranteed.  Be sure to get accurate directions to the barn in advance so you don’t get lost! We really want you to ride with us!

Where can I Clean Up After the Ride?

The Pickwick Gardens has a few nice restrooms where you can wash up and change before dinner.  We suggest you bring a face cloth and a hand towel.  No showers are available.

Can I Ride Double?

We cannot accommodate riding double even with a small child. It is simply a matter of safety. Putting two people on one horse can distribute weight further back on a horse’s back and can cause discomfort for horse and riders.

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